Willy Doubt

Since 2009, the experienced cabinetmaker has had a significant impact on the Betten-Studio Uster with his expertise as a fitter and in customer service. His many years of experience and commitment have helped the Betten-Studio maintain its excellent reputation and continue to grow.

Since 2015, he has successfully applied his acquired know-how as a sleep consultant in daily customer contact. With his comprehensive expertise, he helps customers find the perfect sleeping environment and improve their sleep quality. His passion for the craft and his professional demeanor make him a valued member of the team and a trustworthy contact for customers.

Thomas Gemmecke

Since April 2022, he has been strengthening the team in Uster as an experienced textile specialist and brings with him his many years of sales experience. It is particularly important to him that customers feel well advised and receive optimal service. His expertise in the field of textiles enables him to offer individual solutions that meet the needs of our customers. As a valuable member of the team, he helps ensure that Betten-Studio Uster continues to offer excellent service and high-quality products.