Juerg Schlegel

From 1993 to 2016, the trained carpenter contributed significantly to the success of the waterbed and sleep center with his expertise as a fitter and in customer service. His many years of experience and commitment have shaped the company and contributed to its reputation.

Since 2016, he has successfully used his extensive know-how as a sleep consultant. With his expertise, he helps customers find the perfect sleeping environment and improve their sleep quality. His passion for the craft and his professional advice make him a valued member of the team and a trustworthy contact for customers.

Nicole Fox

Our customers have been able to count on her expertise since 2010. With a wide range of further training courses in the field of pressure-relieving sleep systems, she is always the right person to contact. Her in-depth knowledge and passion for innovative sleep technologies enable her to find individual solutions that meet the needs of our customers. As a reliable advisor, she strives to help every customer to have a restful sleep and better well-being.

Luana Nasto

Since the beginning of 2021, a breath of fresh air has been bringing new life to the Rapperswil waterbed and sleep center. With enthusiasm, she strengthens our team as a sleep consultant and is responsible for the smooth shipping and planning of delivery routes for products from our online shop.

Her dynamic energy and passion for quality sleep make her a valuable addition to our team. Her expertise as a sleep consultant enables her to help customers find the perfect sleeping environment, while ensuring that products reach their destinations quickly and reliably. Her dedication and organizational skills play a key role in ensuring that we can offer our customers a first-class service.

Manuel Steffens

Since the beginning of 2024, he has been enriching our team in the area of ​​deliveries and demanding assembly after many years of working as a carpenter fitter in the interior design industry. Precise and accurate work is a matter of course for him, and his experience in the industry makes him a valuable addition to our team.

His carpentry skills are particularly evident when it comes to setting up beds or changing plans. His skill and creativity enable him to find effective solutions even when unforeseen challenges arise. Customers can rely on him not only to deliver on time, but also to ensure professional and attractive assembly.