Martin Kneubühler

From 2003 to 2009, the trained carpenter expanded his practical skills by working in the bed studio, while attending business school at the same time. This period was characterized by an eager pursuit of further development and the acquisition of new skills.

In 2009, he took the step of taking over the renowned company Betten-Studio Kneubühler AG in Uster. This decision was a milestone in his career and testified to his entrepreneurial courage and determination.

In 2016, his company expanded to include Wasserbett- und Schlafcenter Rapperswil GmbH, which not only expanded his business but also gave him responsibility for all employees. This acquisition marked another step in his successful entrepreneurial journey and cemented his position as a leading provider of high-quality beds and sleep products in the region.

Through his dedication, expertise and leadership skills, he has managed to grow both companies into thriving businesses and build a first-class reputation in the industry. His tireless dedication and vision make him an inspirational figure in the world of entrepreneurship.

Annabella Marraffa Kneubühler

has been the driving force behind the commercial core of the Rapperswil waterbed and sleep center and the Kneubühler Uster bed studio since 2016. With her in-depth specialist knowledge and expertise in accounting and payment processing, she is an indispensable support for our team.

Day after day, Annabella Marraffa juggles the numbers with confidence, demonstrating an unerring sense of accuracy and efficiency. Her commitment and dedication play a key role in ensuring that the financial processes run smoothly and that we can concentrate fully on our customers.

We trust [Person's Name] not only because of her impressive expertise, but also because of her reliability and dedication. She is a valuable resource to our company and we are grateful for her tireless dedication to crunching the numbers.

Florian Tschudi

As a talented carpenter, he took the courageous step of becoming self-employed in online trading during his carpentry apprenticeship. With a strong sense of quality and craftsmanship, he successfully founded two of his own online companies. At the same time, he works as a fitter in our team and brings his extensive skills to support our projects.

Since joining us, Florain has made a remarkable contribution by completely revamping our website and designing a unique online store tailored to our customers' needs. With his passion for traditional craftsmanship and talent in web design, he always strives to provide our customers with an outstanding shopping experience.